Other than a Guest Book

Other than a Guest Book Coco Dietz One of the most common themes throughout many new brides is the want to take traditions that are more old-fashioned and give them a fresh new life. One of these is the idea of a guest book. It’s not that the idea of having memorabilia to encapsulate who […]

Thank-You Notes

Thank-You Notes Coco Dietz What some might consider an outdated tradition is that of writing thank-you a note to the people that give you something to help start your new married life and celebrate your nuptials. Although you might feel this is one extra step in between your marriage and enjoying married life, this is […]

DIY Flowers – Growing in Creativity

DIY Flowers – Growing in Creativity Coco Dietz Every year the wedding industry grows and grows and as it increases the cost of the weddings follows close behind it.  Once something has the label, “Wedding” on it they can automatically raise the price because of the importance that a wedding holds. While some brides have […]

DIY Decor – A Thrifty Wedding

A Thrifty Wedding Coco Dietz With the pressure of a recession beating down on the already intense pressure of building a wedding from the ground up, the dollars (that aren’t already victims of the cost of living) attributed for your wedding could be dwindling. Finding creative solutions to the problems that might be facing the […]