Other than a Guest Book

Coco Dietz

One of the most common themes throughout many new brides is the want to take traditions that are more old-fashioned and give them a fresh new life. One of these is the idea of a guest book. It’s not that the idea of having memorabilia to encapsulate who was there to celebrate your big day is the issue. No, it is more about giving the idea of a stall guest book a new and fresh take that brides can see in their day-to-day life or when looking back.

The Painting/Artwork:

Probably the most popular and most adaptable to fit into any taste or style that the couple may have, is the signing or addition to artwork or some item of decoration. These are meant to be hung up in the couple’s home to commemorate the festivities of the day as well as the well wishes of the guests who celebrated with them. This can be as simple as a sign cut into the shape of the bride’s new last name or as elaborate as everyone adding an element to a painting that was created by the guests as a whole. Whatever your idea is, it can add a unique and sentimental addition to your future household.

The Video Diary:

The most modern take on the traditional guest book is the video diary. Many couples choose to have a videographer in addition to the photographer so that they can have a well put together and clearly shot video of the well wishes of all of their loved ones. This can be a special way to commemorate moments at your wedding that just a picture might not be able to capture as well.

Leaving a Note for the Couple:

They have gone as far as to have writing prompts for the guests to fill out for the bride and groom to read later. Some might include, “Give some advice to the bride and groom for when they have their first fight.” or “What are your words of wisdom for the couple’s first year together?” There are limitless opportunities for your creativity to flow and let your guests have fun giving advice or even funny responses!

The most important part of the guest book is to, yes, to immortalize who was in attendance at your wedding but also to have fun and let who you and your future spouse are shine through tradition and into today.