Thank-You Notes

Coco Dietz

What some might consider an outdated tradition is that of writing thank-you a note to the people that give you something to help start your new married life and celebrate your nuptials. Although you might feel this is one extra step in between your marriage and enjoying married life, this is still something people appreciate and a special way to show your appreciation to those involved with your big day.


If you enjoy crafting and would like to add a more personal touch to your thank-you notes, you can choose to make the cards yourself. Something to consider is how many attendees you had at your wedding. Depending on the number, making every one by hand may not be possible. There is certainly no shame in bulk ordering your cards. But if you had a more intimate wedding, then making the cards might go perfectly with the more personal wedding vibe.


If you either have too many guests and the thought of adding one more thing to your to do list is causing panic or if you are not crafty and would prefer to outsource, here is an idea for you. Once you have at least one wedding picture back, print one for each thank-you note. You can type up and print out a generalized thank you note, or write one on the back of each photo and send them on their way! This is a fun way to share the memories that you made on your big day. If you would like to spend the time to find a personalized photo for each person, that would add a nice touch.