Wedding Dress and Reception Dress

Wedding Dress and Reception Maggi Gallaspy Congrats on saying yes to the dress! Now all that’s left is to decide if you’ll wear your dream gown all night long or do an outfit change before the reception. While there are pros and cons to both and it ultimately comes down to your preference, a lot […]

Jenn Beene Studio J Photography

Studio J Photography Jenn Beene Studio J Photography Alice Briggs Visit her website | Follow her on Instagram While Jenn Beene of Studio J Photography photographs everything from babies to real estate, her specialty lies in boudoir and weddings. Having had a terrible experience with her own wedding photographer, she made it her mission to […]

Beauty Prep for the Big Day

Beauty Prep for the Big Day Coco Dietz Whether you are getting married this summer or next year, it is always a good idea to plan ahead anywhere you can to save brain space. Here is our guide for a beauty timeline that will have you shining on your big day. One Year to Six […]

Choosing a Photographer

Choosing a Photographer Alice Briggs Choosing a photographer for your engagement and wedding photos is a crucial part of the planning process. You want to find someone who can capture the essence and emotions of your special day that is consistent with your personal style and vision. Here are some steps to guide you through […]

The Officiant

The Officiant Coco Dietz Finding someone who will lead the marriage ceremony is an important decision. They will talk about you and your partner’s love and relationship. If possible, they should be someone that was there for the entirety of your relationship. If that is not an option, then give them as much information as […]

Thank-You Notes

Thank-You Notes Coco Dietz What some might consider an outdated tradition is that of writing thank-you a note to the people that give you something to help start your new married life and celebrate your nuptials. Although you might feel this is one extra step in between your marriage and enjoying married life, this is […]

Marrying with Minis: Perfecting Your Child-Inclusive Wedding

Marrying with Minis: Perfecting Your Child-Inclusive Wedding Alice Briggs Including children in your wedding, such as flower girls, ring bearers, or junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, can add a delightful touch to your ceremony. However, it does come with its own set of considerations. Here are some things to think about: Age of the Children: The […]

Is a Guest Color Code Right for You?

Is a Guest Color Code Right for You? Kristin Rodin There are two major rules most wedding guests know when it comes to attire – don’t wear white, and follow the requested dress code. But what about requesting your guests to wear specific colors? Here are some things to consider before sending out the invites. […]

Good Times at the Reception 

Good Times at the Reception Coco Dietz It is becoming increasingly more popular for couples to choose more entertainment for their guests during the reception portion of the wedding festivities. Although everyone wants their guests to have a great time and to create lasting memories with their friends and family, after the typical DJ’s and […]

Local Catering Options 

Local Catering Options Coco Dietz The dress, the flowers, and invitations are all in order, as the big day creeps closer and closer there might be things that get left in the dust. Do not let catering fall behind on your to do list. Catering can offer a nice touch that takes your wedding from […]