The History of Wearing White to Your Wedding

Ever Wondered Why We Wear White to Our Wedding? Coco Dietz Today you would be hard pressed to find a bride who chooses to not wear a shade of white on their wedding day. That tradition has been so deeply ingrained into many young girls let alone young brides minds that it is difficult for […]

Something Borrowed Something Blue

Something Borrowed Something Blue Coco Dietz The Poem “Something Old Something New…” has continued to set a precedent in Weddings that are happening today. Although many Brides do not know the original meanings or intentions behind the beautiful words, they continue to hide away a sixpence in their shoes as their something blue peeks out […]

Something Old Something New

Something Old Something New Coco Dietz There are many traditions that brides can choose to either continue or pass on when planning their weddings. One of those traditions comes from the old English Poem where the poet tells their thoughts on what items the bride needs in order to pass along the happy, healthy, and […]

The Send Off

The Send Off Coco Dietz “And they Lived Happily Ever After” One tradition that many people have taken and adapted to fit their unique wedding styles is that of the send off. At the end of the reception after all the dancing, cake cutting, and general merriment all the guests line up outside and give […]

Other than a Guest Book

Other than a Guest Book Coco Dietz One of the most common themes throughout many new brides is the want to take traditions that are more old-fashioned and give them a fresh new life. One of these is the idea of a guest book. It’s not that the idea of having memorabilia to encapsulate who […]

A Toast to the Happy Couple

A Toast to the Happy Couple By: Coco Dietz When planning a wedding, a lot of brides are choosing to look for options that are different and unique, straying away from the typical wedding that you might see. As your creativity grows, so can the cost if you are not careful. Luckily, we have a […]

Wedding Desserts That’ll Top the Cake

Wedding Desserts That’ll Top the Cake By Kristin Rodin Wedding cakes are a feature staple at many celebrations, but maybe ordering one big dessert isn’t going to cut it at your celebration. Thankfully, cakes aren’t the only sweet treat to celebrate with. Choosing an alternative that’s easy to customize and share might be the right […]

Something Old, Like very Old

The History of the “Something Old” Poem By: Coco Dietz Some may think that the old saying, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” Is an old-fashioned tradition. But many brides still enjoy adding elements that incorporate that nod or follow the centuries old tradition. “Something Old  Something New  Something Borrowed  Something Blue  And […]

Wedding Dress and Reception Dress

Wedding Dress and Reception Maggi Gallaspy Congrats on saying yes to the dress! Now all that’s left is to decide if you’ll wear your dream gown all night long or do an outfit change before the reception. While there are pros and cons to both and it ultimately comes down to your preference, a lot […]

Jenn Beene Studio J Photography

Studio J Photography Jenn Beene Studio J Photography Alice Briggs Visit her website | Follow her on Instagram While Jenn Beene of Studio J Photography photographs everything from babies to real estate, her specialty lies in boudoir and weddings. Having had a terrible experience with her own wedding photographer, she made it her mission to […]