A Wedding Budget

A Wedding Budget: Ildalynn Elazar In 2022 the wedding industry made 57.9 billion dollars. The United States alone accounts for 25% of the world in wedding industry revenue. The average wedding in America costs $20,300, as of a study that was made in 2020. Although that number does vary based on what state you live […]

Alternative Theme Ideas

Having Your Dream Wedding Ajna Hacker Many Brides get so wrapped up in planning their wedding that they have a tendency to forget to consider having a theme. A theme can help to guide the look and feeling of your wedding that you want to convey. Here are three ideas for you to think about […]

New Wedding Traditions

Modern Weddings Vs Traditions Nencia Isabetta We are seeing more and more modern brides choosing to drop and/or alter common traditions of the past in lieu of the more modern and fresh approach of today. A bride of the 1950s was more typically about doing the more traditional route  and following the bride book by […]

Having a Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale Themes in Your Wedding Zay Burry Having a fairytale wedding is a common theme that many couples consider when trying to decide what they want their wedding to feel like and look like. A fairytale wedding is a fairly ambiguous term, it very much depends on what type of fairytale you would like to […]

History of Having a Flower Girl

History of Having a Flower Girl Myra Root The tradition of having a ring bearer and flower girl in modern weddings is widely known. What is not widely known are the origins of why we carry on and honor these traditions. In our other article, History of Having Ring Bearers we looked back into the […]

The History of Having a Ring Bearer

History of Having a Ring Bearer Myra Root In direct contrast to the origins of the Flower Girl the origins of the ring bearer were uncertain. The following two theories are the most common.  First, in ancient Egypt, they had a custom where they would have someone carry jewels and treasures on a pillow during […]

Wedding Gifts to the Bridal Party

Wedding Gifts to the Bridal Party Ashira Raddadash It is common for brides to give sweet personalized gifts to their bridal party to thank them for standing up there with her on one of the most special days of their lives. That is all well and good, but it can be a headache to come […]

Wedding Gifts 101

Wedding Gifts Registry Vs. Personal Gift Ildalynn Elazar Going into the wedding season as a guest looking at your five wedding invitations for the summer, it can be overwhelming to know what to give the multiple happy couples. But have no fear, we will go through a guide to wedding gifts and what to know […]

The History of Wearing White to Your Wedding

Ever Wondered Why We Wear White to Our Wedding? Coco Dietz Today you would be hard pressed to find a bride who chooses to not wear a shade of white on their wedding day. That tradition has been so deeply ingrained into many young girls let alone young brides minds that it is difficult for […]

Something Borrowed Something Blue

Something Borrowed Something Blue Coco Dietz The Poem “Something Old Something New…” has continued to set a precedent in Weddings that are happening today. Although many Brides do not know the original meanings or intentions behind the beautiful words, they continue to hide away a sixpence in their shoes as their something blue peeks out […]