Having Your Dream Wedding

Ajna Hacker

Many Brides get so wrapped up in planning their wedding that they have a tendency to forget to consider having a theme. A theme can help to guide the look and feeling of your wedding that you want to convey. Here are three ideas for you to think about when planning your wedding!


A common thought process when planning a wedding is picking your date before planning your theme. Instead consider planning your wedding around a Holiday and let the date inspire what your decoration style will look like. If you choose to have your wedding close to Christmas, you could add a deep red, dark green, and gold in your wedding colors while adding subtle additions to your decor to add to the theme such as evergreen and pine as greenery. Or for our more alternative brides, you could plan your wedding around Friday the 13th. Some venues might offer discounts for the date due to the lack of popularity on those days. Leaning into the spookier side of things you might wear black and other dark colors. For decor you could add Victorian looking items to add a haunted yet classy look to it.

Regency Era:

For every Jane Austin fan out there, consider having your wedding themed after the Regency Era. This time period, although short, has the underlying connotation of romance due to the many love stories that have been set during this period. Choose a dress that has an Empire waist line, having pastel colors added in your wedding colors, and adding regal feeling decor items. If you want to go with the classic wedding cake, consider also having delicate desserts as well such as scones, petit fours, or even Turkish delight to add that feeling of delicacy.


Themes can be anything that you and your finance have an interest or enjoy. Adding subtle stars and moons into small details of your wedding can add to the celestial theme. Such as into your jewelry, or designs into your wedding dress, ties, pocket squires, veil, etc. There are even matching rings that fit into the theme. Hanging stars from the ceiling with fairy lights will give your guests the feeling that they are under the stars even while they are tucked away in the warmth of indoors. For this theme there are many options for you to choose from in terms of wedding colors. These colors are going to be darker in nature, such as purple, black, navy blue, and pink. Or if you would like to mirror the colors after the northern lights you could choose green, blue, a light purple, and pink.