Modern Weddings Vs Traditions

Nencia Isabetta

We are seeing more and more modern brides choosing to drop and/or alter common traditions of the past in lieu of the more modern and fresh approach of today. A bride of the 1950s was more typically about doing the more traditional route  and following the bride book by the letter. However, 2024 brides are craving different vibes than those of years past and wanting to add their own spin of their big days.


While the tradition of wearing white to make that oh so important walk down the aisle is a centuries old tradition and for the majority of the brides today a tradition that still holds fast to their ideals of their perfect wedding day. However, many brides are choosing a more alternative path in their dress choice. For the large portion of said brides this change comes in the form of wearing an off white dress, having colored embellishments added to their white dress, or more colored undertones in their dresses. If you were to walk into a wedding dress shop, you would find many options in champagne, cream, or ivory, as well as multiple other colors and options. The more extreme brides can be found on their wedding day wearing black wedding dresses. It has gained so much in popularity that even David’s Bridals has begun to carry dresses for these alternative brides. In between the extreme choice of the black wedding dress brides and the traditional white dress brides there are those brides who choose to wear colored wedding dresses. Either to match the theme of their wedding or just because it is their absolute favorite color. Whatever wedding dress you choose to wear, the most important part is that you wear a dress that feels the most like you. Wearing a wedding dress is supposed to make you feel absolutely beautiful so the key is just finding a dress that makes you feel the most like you. 


We have all heard the traditional “Do you take … to have and to hold… in sickness and in health…” at wedding after wedding. Although this is a perfectly beautiful way to vow yourself to your partner, many couples are choosing to forego the old vows and write ones for themselves instead. This can add a more personal addition to their ceremony, while creating a meaningful moment between the newlyweds. The only downside of this option is many people find it difficult to put their thoughts down on paper. Or perhaps they see this as another addition to their checklist and treat it more like a school essay than an eternal vow to their partner who they are declaring their love for infront of many witnesses. Choosing to go with the traditional vows can take a stressor off your plate if you choose to go that route.  But like the dresses, the most important part is finding what works best for you and your fiance. 


The days of the big sparkly princess cut diamond engagement ring with the simple gold band wedding ring are mostly behind us. If that is the style that you prefer, all the more power to you. But more and more brides are letting go of the diamond in the engagement ring at all. Instead many women are opting for colored gems or man made gems in replacement of that timeless classic. While nearly everyone in American culture does choose to wear the wedding ring to signify that they are indeed lawfully bound to another, some couples have a dislike for the fancy, and often difficult to replace, rings and wearing in substitution, silicone wedding bands. For our more alternative brides even tattooing a ring on their finger instead of a ring at all. While the silicone bands are much easier to replace if lost or stolen,  and the tattoos throw that problem out the window entirely, that may not be everyone’s cup of tea.