Fairytale Themes in Your Wedding

Zay Burry

Having a fairytale wedding is a common theme that many couples consider when trying to decide what they want their wedding to feel like and look like. A fairytale wedding is a fairly ambiguous term, it very much depends on what type of fairytale you would like to embody during your wedding. Here are some examples of fairytale weddings to help inspire you!


A classic and traditional for wedding themes due to her being one of the more classic princesses that comes to mind when you think of princesses. Choosing your wedding colors is an important place to start with the theme. With Cinderella having blues, silvers, and even a light pink color would be perfect colors drawing inspiration from the Cinderella fairytale. Adding elements into what the bride wears can further his concept as well. Having a choker style necklace, sleeves that have more puff to them, or having a bun updo that would be similar as well. The decor is going to be pivotal in creating that fairytale feel. Having decorations that have a regal feeling to them will be of the utmost importance. Something along the lines of candelabras with dinnerware that has a more elevated look. Speaking of dinnerware, finding classic looking china to add to that royal feeling at dinner is a great way to feel more Cinderella-inspired.

Peter Pan:

The story of Peter Pan, although it starts in England, the majority of the fairy tale takes place in Neverland. So in order to maximize the Peter Pan feeling, focusing on the Neverland aesthetic will be key. Since the Lost Boys live in the forest in a tree mimicking that feeling by having your wedding decorated as if it is in a forest will be an excellent place to start. For your wedding colors having an evergreen color, a light blue, and a dark chocolate brown. For decor items, having cut pieces of wood, lots of greenery, and flowers will help to make that forest feel. 

Beauty and the Beast:

Another classic princess, so having an elevated regal feel is going to be imperative. Starting with the colors, again, gold, blue (either dark navy would work as well as a light powder blue), and maroon. Gold should be more of an accent color where you sprinkle it through your decor and wardrobe as opposed to a more prominent color in your theme. For decor items, having gold frames and mirrors, gold candelabras, again, and china would be on theme. Of course having a teapot or tea cups as table pieces would be a cute touch.