7 Trends You’ll Love in 2023

Alice Briggs

If you’re planning on a wedding in 2023, be on the lookout for these trends to make your big day the best it can be!

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are increasing in popularity and allow you great flexibility, especially if you want to DIY. As they are dry already, you can create your bouquets and decor months in advance, and carefully store in a dust-free container to pull out ready for your big day.

Intimate Gatherings

During the pandemic, brides were forced to severely limit the number of attendees. While these limitations are no longer required, many enjoyed the smaller setting and being able to spend more time with their guests. As this also reduces the costs for everything from venues to favors to catering, we expect this trend will continue, and allow the couple to have a more intimate and stressless wedding. (This article has more on choosing your guest list.)

Flash and Film Photography

Going a bit old school lends extra class and timelessness to the photos of your wedding. There’s nothing like film photography, and brides are loving this return to a traditional format with a modern twist. (Our article here has more for you.)

Eco Friendly

The 2023 bride wants her beautiful day to stun and amaze, but not negatively impact the environment. (See our article here for more ideas.)

The Cake

For several years, brides have showcased their favorite treats in lieu of a cake, but the cake is making a comeback. The update here is fruit flavors. Think lemon and blueberry, raspberry and white chocolate, or coconut and lime.

wedding color trends 2023

Weekend Weddings

Why celebrate for just an evening when you can have a few days with all your friends and family? This works especially well for couples with far-flung friends and family so they can spend some quality time with those they love and don’t get to see often. (See our article here for things to consider.)

Color, Color, Color!

Vibrant color palettes are in. If color’s your thing, then feel free to express yourself with bold colors. (See our article here for color trends.)