Quality over Quantity

A conversation that every bride and groom have when planning their big day is the age old, “Who all should be invited to the wedding?” The People Pleasers out there will understand the struggle of not knowing what to do when faced with the difficult decision of who is getting cut from the invitation list. Not wanting to offend anyone by not getting an invitation to your upcoming nuptials is a real problem that the majority of brides will face.

The important thing to remember in those moments is that this wedding is not about them. It is not about the people that you invite, the number of people you have in attendance, or the string of bridesmaids you have. This wedding is about the love that you and your fiance share for each other. Nothing else. Although those other external factors can influence decisions and perhaps mean a lot to us, they do not need to steal the focus. 

Covid was a struggle for many people throughout the globe. But one thing it taught many brides is the importance of celebrating your relationship with the people that you love and cherish, not having everyone you ever knew in the same room for a grand event. Having the people that you care the most about surround you and your fiance with love as you make that commitment to each other is a beautiful experience. The chaos that can accompany the large-scale wedding, in some cases, can detract from the celebration as well as add unneeded stress for the day.

It is important to assess the reasons behind moving forward in wedding plans. If having that large-scale wedding will bring you and your love happiness then that is enough. But having a grand wedding is not what every bride desires, having a more intimate wedding is not a bad choice if it is the choice that will bring you joy.