Pictures Have Style, Too

Just like weddings, wedding photography can have different themes. Ranging from soft and natural to dark and moody, these styles are another way to showcase your personality. Tell your love story for years to come with any of these four photography styles.


Traditional wedding photography continues to stand the test of time with its classic poses and portraits. This style focuses on specific, planned shots rather than candid moments and adds a formal touch to your celebration.

From wedding dress trains to bridal and family portraits, Miranda Stabler Photography is ready to capture all your special moments. Through her expert posing and use of contrasting light, you’ll have elegant photos to look back on for years to come.

Fine Art

Fine art wedding photography uses soft, bright light to capture dreamy moments. This artistic style uses film rather than digital technology to preserve intimate details with a nostalgic effect. 


For couples interested in this style, look no further than Heather Sanderson Photography. This Lubbock-based photographer specializes in fine art wedding and portrait photos, using natural light to create delicate, beautiful moments.

Black and White

Another timeless option is black and white photography. While color adds interest, black and white creates drama and enhances the emotions of the subjects. There are fewer distractions when looking at these images, allowing for the couple or moment to be the sole focus of attention. This style is highly accessible, as black and white images can be edited or shot on a black and white camera, and most photographers will include them in photo packages anyway.


Landscapes are a newer addition to wedding photography packages. Unlike other styles, which take place at the ceremony and reception, photographers will meet with couples during a specific part of the day to capture the best shot. Beaches and mountains are popular destinations, but there are opportunities right here in West Texas, too! Sprawling fields at sunset or the deep valleys of Palo Duro Canyon make for stunning – and unique – moments. 

Freeze your love story and perfect day in time with these photography styles as unique as you!