Wedding Woes

Not a happy title, right?  Here’s the thing…..sometimes things happen that can change all of those beautiful plans you made for a memorable wedding.  Some things are out of your control.  Some things happen because of human error.  Some things happen because of miscommunication.  What do you do?  On our writing team, we have all either been aware of or been part of mishaps at weddings that could have ruined a few precious moments.  We decided to recount them here and then provide the solution that helped change the situation back into beautiful…….or at least…..acceptable.

Bad weather. 

Whether you have an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, bad weather can affect who comes, how the photos turn out, if the ceremony is delayed, and a number of other things.  Recently, one of our staff members was in the bridal party for a late afternoon outdoor wedding.  About an hour before the ceremony was to start, a major windstorm with rain hit the area.  All the men rushed to save drapery, flowers, and other items that might be destroyed.  All the girls rushed back to the dressing room and watched the clouds.  Rain had begun to fall on them outside while taking bridal party photos, so makeup and hair had to be retouched.  Thankfully, the rain stopped just minutes before guests began to arrive.  All hands were on deck to put the décor back into place, wipe off each and every seat outside, lay down some towels to dry the pathway for the bride, and then double check everyone’s hair and makeup for the grand entrance.  There were actually two bonuses that occurred from this gift from Mother Nature:  first, with family members and friends working so quickly together with a common goal in mind, everyone felt a special “bond” that lasted well into the evening making the reception and dance even more enjoyable.  Secondly, God provided the most beautiful rainbow as a wedding backdrop.  Money just can’t buy that, ladies!

Crushed Cake. 

Whoops!  Even when all care is given to transport a cake to the wedding venue, most bakers know to come prepared with extra icing or other camouflage to cover up any dings.  But, what do you do when part of the cake is actually crushed?  Yes!  It was pitiful—and oh, so innocent.  When the sweet little flower girl slipped into the kitchen area to run an errand and saw a beautiful wedding cake, she did what most children do and was going to slyly run her little finger by the trim on the bottom to just get “a taste.”  Whoops! When an adult entered the kitchen and startled her, she turned and her hand went THROUGH the bottom layer of the cake!  Oh dear….well, first of all….everyone decided NOT to tell the bride, but, the adult did get a quick photo from her phone so the bride could laugh about it later.  The baker had already left the premises, so this gracious adult went about finding a knife and smoothing things as best she could, then, found a most lovely piece of greenery to lay around that particular spot.  No one really knew until later.  The cake was saved as well as the precious flower girl’s pride.


Even to the smartest, the best, the most well organized person, miscommunication can still happen.  Several of us have seen this happen regarding catering requests, floral arrangements, attendants that do not arrive on time, officiants that forget to “keep it short,” and the list could go on.  As you read this, you have probably heard of many mishaps regarding not communicating well.  Our best advice is to breathe deeply, and let someone else handle the situation for you.  Truly, there is little anyone can do during those last few hours to change anything.  However, the best response is a smile, and anticipation that no matters what happens, a wedding will take place.  You are about to enter a covenant relationship that will change your life forever.  None of the mishaps are worth the energy it takes to get upset.

Finally, we do hope everything goes as planned and if it doesn’t, we hope you are laughing about things very soon afterwards.  Humor will always smooth the hardships.  Be blessed, dear one!