By Victoria Jaurrieta

A serene morning wedding?  A romantic late evening wedding?  A mid-day party wedding?

When planning the time of day for your wedding, there are many aspects to consider.  When the days become longer and the sun sets later, it can be confusing to figure the best time of day for you and your guests. 

If you are still contemplating the very best time to walk down the aisle, take these points into consideration.

beautiful happy couple cutting wedding cake

Part of your decision may be based on the venue you select.  Do you only have a few hours to prepare and enjoy the ceremony?  Or will they allow you stay until midnight or beyond?

If your wedding will be held outside, would you love for the sun to be setting in the background as you state your vows?  Or do you want the full moon to hover over you during your first dance?

wedding couple at destination wedding ceremony. Mountains and sea view in Montenegro. Picturesque wedding location.

Of course, if your wedding is in mid to late summer, you probably will not want a wedding during the heat of the day. However, a sweet morning wedding that ends with a lovely brunch might just be the perfect way to enjoy the summer with your guests.  In this case, most of the festivities would be complete by the time the heat sets in.

Try to remember some of the weddings you enjoyed the most and envision what time of day they were held.  Take into account your honeymoon plans, the distance some of your guests may have to travel, and even any children that might be involved.  Regardless, just making the decision and giving yourself the permission to be satisfied with your decision will help you plan the other necessities needed.  Your wedding can be beautiful at literally every moment of the day.