Five Reasons to Consider a Weekday Wedding

By Allsion Rodriguez

A weekday wedding?  According to a study conducted by international industry source, one in five weddings have taken place on a Monday through Friday for the past seven years!  While weddings have traditionally been held on weekends, a shift from the status quo isn’t always a bad thing.  Thinking about jumping on this new trend?  Here are five reasons why you should consider a weekday wedding: 

  1. Weekday weddings are budget-friendly 

If you’re a bride on a budget, a weekday wedding may be for you.  By simply choosing a week date, you will save thousands of dollars on your big day!

2. It’s easier to snag your favorite vendors 

The majority of wedding vendors are hired in advance for weekends, so opting for a weekday improves your chances of reserving your favorite florist or bakery for the special day.  Many vendors also offer different incentives and discounts for certain weekdays, so be sure to ask about these offers. 

3. Venues are less likely to be booked 

Did you and your groom choose the perfect place to say “I do”, only to find out it is booked five years out?  Consider a Monday-Friday, and the calendar may open up!  Even if a local venue isn’t your thing, destination weddings will still benefit from the increase in hotel and airfare availability on weekdays.

4. Your wedding will feel intimate 

A weekday wedding is a great way to keep your guest list from spiraling out of control.  By choosing an unconventional time, you ensure that you’re only surrounded by the most important people in your life, so that you can create authentic memories with your guests that you will never forget. 

5. Choosing a special date becomes easier 

Do you want to get married on a special date?  Is it the day you and your fiancé met?  Maybe you dream of  St. Patrick’s Day nuptials or a New Year’s Eve bash!  There’s no need to change plans simply because your dream date doesn’t fall on a weekend.  Remaining open to the possibility of a weekday can provide you with the flexibility you need to incorporate that special date into your wedding plans. 

Let’s face it, weekdays are the new weekends anyways! Happy wedding planning!