The Most Common Wedding Day Mistakes

By Allison Rodriguez

A wedding is one of the most important days in a woman’s life, a day that has been dreamed about since childhood.  With all of the major planning leading up to the day you’ll say “I do”; it can be easy to forget about the small details that will save you from a day-of fiasco.  Take notes, because here are 6 of the most common wedding day mistakes and how to steer clear of them: 

1. You didn’t catch any Z’s

A lively rehearsal dinner coupled with pre-wedding excitement isn’t exactly a recipe for a restful slumber, but brides should still do their best to sleep as much as possible the night before.  To get a good night’s rest, try incorporating a warm bath, a soothing pillow mist and a phone-free environment before bedtime.  Your wedding will be filled with special moments, and you won’t want to miss them due to burnout. 

2. Your Stomach is Grumbling

It’s likely that your wedding day is jam-packed full of activities.  From the ceremony to the reception, you’ve got a lot on your plate; but the probability of remembering to put food on your plate is slim.  Don’t allow yourself to become a hangry Bridezilla!  Ask your maid-of-honor to have a small spread for you to chow down on before the ceremony.  Some small snacks throughout the day won’t hurt either. 

3. You feel rushed through the beauty process

Even on an ordinary day, your beauty routine may involve many steps, but there is no comparison to the elaborate hair and makeup you will wear for your wedding day.  Instead of sacrificing your bridal look for the sake of time (or rushing to the altar), discuss with your glam team how much time they will need and plan accordingly. 

4. You don’t spend quality time with your new husband 

Many brides are quick to note that the one thing they regret about their wedding day is not carving out time to spend alone with their spouse.  It is essential to remember that the day is ultimately about you and him, so don’t make the mistake of getting lost in the process.  Create a specific time in your itinerary to drink a glass of champagne together or even just plant a quick kiss.  It’s a small moment, but you’ll remember it forever. 

  1. You forget to greet all of your guests

Depending on the size of your reception, interacting with all of your friends and family may be a simple or complicated task. Nevertheless, it’s important to make your guests feel loved and included in this special moment of your life.  Do your best to interact with guests during dinner and don’t forget about the dance floor! 

  1. You sweat the small stuff

The idea of a perfect wedding is something that we all strive for yet micromanaging every aspect of the day can leave you feeling like an event planner, not a beautiful bride.  Cherish each hour that passes and don’t sweat the small stuff.  Have fun and let go, because this experience is once in a lifetime.