Wedding Desserts That’ll Top the Cake

By Kristin Rodin

Wedding cakes are a feature staple at many celebrations, but maybe ordering one big dessert isn’t going to cut it at your celebration. Thankfully, cakes aren’t the only sweet treat to celebrate with. Choosing an alternative that’s easy to customize and share might be the right choice for you.

Pros and cons of alternative desserts

Before you place an order for your wedding dessert of choice, there are some things to consider for your party. 

Whether you choose a cake or dessert alternative, you’ll have to consider the dietary restrictions of those attending your celebration. Individual-friendly desserts may be easier to accommodate for those with specific restrictions or allergies, while choosing a cake may mean you’ll need to provide a separate dessert or not serve an alternative at all.

Some wedding cake alternatives will certainly be easier to share with your guests. While cutting the cake is a popular tradition, it could be difficult to cut if there are supportive elements within the dessert or if you’re hosting a large party. Choosing an alternative that’s easy to serve to individual guests can help ensure everyone who wants something sweet can get it, and you won’t have to stress about making sure each serving will go far enough. 

 While alternatives might be easier to share, forgoing tradition may leave you with plenty of dessert left over. Bakeries know how to gauge how many people a cake can serve. With other alternatives, you’ll likely be purchasing in bulk and will have to deal with whatever is left.

Alternatives Everyone Will Love

If alternative dessert options sound right for you, the next step is to decide what to order.

Casual and customizable options, such as cupcakes, macarons and cake pops, can be displayed on cake stands or trays to allow guests to choose their preferred dessert. Each dessert is easy to order in bulk and comes in a variety of flavors and decorating options. Not only are these choices easy to find at bakeries, they are also easy to separate for those who have dietary restrictions and allergies.

For those less interested in decorative elements but still wanting individual options, consider mini pies or fruit tarts! These are sweet options that are also available in several flavors without having to decide on colors or other add-ons. These individual desserts can also be a fun choice for seasonal celebrations. Fruit-based desserts can be refreshing in summer months or warm and comforting for fall and winter weddings.

If you have a hard time deciding what to order, a dessert bar may be just the thing to choose! Dessert bars allow you to provide a wide variety of options that will accommodate just about everyone. You could stick to a dessert theme like an all-pie bar or mix it up with a variety of choices like cookies, cupcakes, donuts, brownies and more!

Lubbock Bakeries to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Looking for the right bakery or pastry shop to make your sweet treats can be just as challenging as figuring out what to order. Luckily, there’s no shortage of talented shops in Lubbock to accommodate your wedding.

Short & Sweets

Short & Sweets is a local bakery offering a variety of dessert options! From cakes to macaron towers to cake pops and more, this homegrown shop has been serving unique sweet treats since 2015. With plenty of experience creating colorful, fun designs, this bakery can whip up something just for you in no time. 

The Cakery

While specializing in cakes, The Cakery also offers fruit rolls, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other desserts available for personalization. Featuring over 150 flavors and offering ingredient substitutions for dietary needs, this shop is dedicated to creating specialty desserts fit for any celebration. 

No matter what choice you make, wedding desserts of any kind allow you to support local bakeries while also having something sweet to top off your day!