Wonderful Waterfall Surprise!

Publisher’s note:

I vacationed in Gatlinburg, TN this past summer with some family and friends.  On a trail hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls, while playing in the water and just enjoying the scenery, a man approached my friend and asked if she would film him proposing to his girlfriend.  He wanted to wait until he could get behind the waterfall with people out of the way.  It was precious!  I approached him afterwards to ask permission to use some of the photos and to give a little of their story.  Very touching!  We wish them well in their new life together.


Lesley Hill, bride

Robbie Wilson, groom

Robbie Wilson had met Lesley Hill more than 20 years ago when he ended up at their church after moving to Greenwood, MS.  At that time, he was engaged to someone else who he married and Lesley moved away to begin her career.

After 25 years of marriage, Robbie’s wife succumbed to her battle with cancer.  Lesley had also married after college and moved out of the state.  Her marriage did not last, but, she was blessed with a son.  Lesley would come home to visit her parents often where she and Robbie would share brief conversations.

As both are Ole Miss Rebel fans, in October of 2019, the two of them ran into one another at a game.  At this time, Robbie had been widowed for about a year and a half, but had not started dating.  Lesley lived more than four hours away.  However, in June of 2020, Robbie heard that Lesley was moving closer to home to be by family.  After some time in prayer, God gave him a peace about dating and reaching out to Lesley specifically. 

In July of 2020, he emailed her, then called and they began to talk a few times that week.  They started dating shortly after and the relationship progressed with Lesley as well as her son.  Even though there had been talk of marriage someday, there was much to consider before actually making those plans.

Robbie spent more time in prayer and knew God was leading him to ask Lesley to marry him.  They had decided to make a quick trip to Gatlinburg over the Fourth of July weekend and Robbie purchased a ring.  Robbie had read about the trail leading to Grotto Falls and knew it would be the perfect spot.   It was beautiful and inspiring to witness!