Vows - Old-School or Your Own Words?

Coco Dietz

There are many aspects of a wedding that are traditional and have come to be expected when someone attends a wedding. Although wedding vows have been a part of the wedding ceremony for many years, that does not mean that you and your fiance cannot use the opportunity to personalize or change the typical way that vows are done.

Whether you choose to go the traditional route, and recite the scripted words used for generations, or you choose to write your own, the important part of the ceremony is the dedication of yourself to your fiance and showing them that you will have them for the rest of your life. There is poetry in the words that you typically hear when people discuss wedding vows, however it has grown in popularity for couples to choose to write their own wedding vows instead and recite those.

Now, many people at this moment might be having an internal panic at the thought of writing their own vows and having to read them aloud in front of the entire congregation of people at your wedding, but bear with me and take a deep breath as we continue onward. Even if writing is not a strength that you would say you possess, writing wedding vows is all about speaking from the heart and expressing the love that you feel for your partner.

It is not about being colorful with your prose and adding a plethora of flowery metaphors to impress the attendees of the wedding. What will impress you attendees is the love that you and your partner share and the words that you speak from your heart. Remember, although there are many other people in attendance at your wedding, it is not about them. They are only there to celebrate you and your fiance. This is about you, so do whatever makes you and your fiance’s day special!