United Together

The unity ceremony is one of the most beautiful parts of the wedding ceremony.  It visually symbolizes two lives entwining as one.  Besides that, it’s a way to personalize your wedding and reflect on your promises to each other.   See if any of these ideas speak to your souls.

Sand Ceremony

The bride and groom mix two different colors of sand into the same empty container.  Since mixed sand is hard to separate, it is just as hard to separate the joined and entwined couple.  Glam it up by using glitter in the sand.

Wine Ceremony

Wine lovers?  Merge red wine and white wine to create a stunning pink colored wine. Then drink from the shared container, symbolizing your togetherness.

Unity Candle Ceremony

If you lean toward the romantic side, you may want to use the Unity Candle.  The bride and groom each have a candle and there is a third, main candle in the middle.  Change the order of the candle lighting to make it symbolic and personal to you.  Want to involve the whole family?  Give them all a candle and let them participate.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Planting a tree symbolizes the growth of your relationship.  Watch the tree grow as your love and marriage does.  This can be a little messy, so be sure to prepare well for it.  Gather two pots of dirt, plant a tree in the combined soil, and then water it together.  Talk to your local nursery for advice on trees that will work best in your area. 

Tying the Knot Ceremony

Have you ever heard the expression “tying the knot”?   It comes from the tradition of a couple tying a fisherman’s knot at each end of a rope, then pulling the knots together to form one strong knot.  Choose a material that’s significant to you (vine, cord, rope, ribbon, etc.) and decorate to your liking.   (trend hint—Create smaller versions of these in ribbons for your guests to take home as favors)