Unique Wedding Venues

Baseball Field Venue

Every couple wants their guests to have a fun experience on their wedding day.  Yes it’s mostly about two hearts joining and becoming one, but, everyone loves to see where the couple will choose to spend their special day as they say “I Do”.  There are so many options for venues nowadays, how do you even get started on picking a spot?  What makes venues stand out?  This is where the couple needs to decide on a budget, whether they want outdoor or indoor, and the type of atmosphere they want to create.  Romantic, fun, historic, casual,…..the list is endless!  Here are some of our favorite, most unique venue ideas we know will be a smash hit!

National Park Venue

Theme Park Venue

Zoo Venue

Boat Venue

Treehouse Venue

Cave Venue

Orchard Venue

Here’s a list of some other spectacular spots to celebrate your special day!




Botanical Garden

Historic Library

Under Water

Antique Store


Converted buildings

….but, for those of you who flew across the world with just a handful of family members and want a unique place for a reception when you return………
If either of you are golf lovers, you almost have to include a venue like this into your festivities.   

And So The Adventure Begins!