Unique Bouquets

Statement Airplant Bouquet

Bouquets have been around for centuries and were used by Ancient Romans to signify new beginnings, fidelity, and fertility.  England later added the tossing of the bouquet as a way for the bride to pass on her good fortune.  Flowers have beautiful colors, scents, and create a romantic ambiance to any occasion.  In the Middle Ages, strong-smelling herbs and spices were thought to ward off and drive away evil spirits, bad luck, ill health, and help mask the  smell of body odor.  
There are so many types of bouquets ranging from flowers to cloth to paper to diamonds,…the list goes on and on!!  They can be used for all types of occasions and are always a hit.  Here are some of our favorite unique bouquets to create for your special day.

Sheet music bouquets made using your favorite tune or first dance song are very sentimental.

Paper roses, feathers and an antler as a stem.  Customized just for you!

Unique wraps can be made using monogrammed handkerchiefs made with different textures.

Comic book flowers

Sea Shell bouquets

Greenery and ferns are a great way to save on flower costs and ferns add a lovely shape to bouquets.

Paper Pin Wheels add a playful twist on a classic bouquet.

Fabric Rosettes are handmade and one of a kind.  You can use ribbon or cloth to create your own flowers.

Greenery and wildflowers if blooms aren’t your preference. 

Brooches added to any fake flower arrangement can create a classic piece and will last forever.

Here’s a few more bouquets we know you’ll love!

Non-floral elements such as feathers can make for a whole new shape and add a chic style to your flowers.

Natural Texture and Succulents create a wild looking bouquet that makes a great eye catcher as you walk down the aisle.  (dahlias, spray roses, mums and seeded eucalyptus, freesias, succulents)

Dried flowers such as lavender, daisies, or grasses add a charming rustic look.

Rustic details such as dried vines, branches or seed pods add a romantic vibe.

Colorful ribbon wrap added to a single stem bouquet makes a statement and is visually appealing.

A faux-flower bouquet made with different types of fabrics adds depth and different textures to the arrangement.

Burlap flowers give you a rustic appeal and make beautiful arrangements that last forever.

Crystal brooch bouquets can contain your “something old or borrowed