By Heather Jones

Your wedding is a ceremony that you will cherish forever.  The celebration, the people, the venue, the food and drink, the dancing, the party, the love; all of these things make the day memorable.  Although, as the days and years pass, you may have trouble remembering exactly how you felt in each of these moments.  You might not be able to remember exactly how you felt when you first tried your cake, danced with your best friends on the dance floor, or talked with the guests.  Of course you will remember each moment – but you may have trouble recalling your exact emotions in each memory.

Smiling groom looking at bride during wedding

The first look, however, is a moment from your special day that you will always be able to associate your feelings with.  The first time you see your bride or groom, whether it’s walking down the aisle or before the ceremony begins, you will remember exactly how you felt.

You might be contemplating if you should partake in a first look or if you should wait to see each other at the ceremony.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both that will be uncovered here, and you can decide what’s best for you.

Some advantages to having a first look include being able to take pictures before the ceremony begins, getting an intimate moment with your partner in private, and not having pressure to react a certain way.  Sometimes these expectations, time restraints, and audience can cause unnecessary stress upon the bride and groom.

first look bride
First meeting of bride and groom. Wedding. Emotions groom at the first meeting with beautiful bride.

Disadvantages to a first look would be the groom not being as emotional or starstruck since he’s already seen his bride, breaking the tradition of not seeing one another until the ceremony begins, and not being married when pictures are taken before the ceremony.

Each of these pros and cons might incite different emotions of what is important to you on your wedding day and what isn’t as big of a deal.  Whatever you decide to do for your wedding, you will definitely never forget seeing your significant other for the first time – whether it’s during a first look or walking down the aisle.