Choosing a theme for your wedding sets a central idea and gives you a direction to take when you start planning.  Themes can tell the couples story and tie the elements of your wedding together.  Plus, this gets everyone on the same page who may be involved in helping with shopping and decorating.  Everyone is focused on one topic and not running ragged in several directions with too many options!  There is no right or wrong when deciding on a theme.  The bride and groom should pick one that will help create their perfect wedding.  Here’s a few ideas to help get you started on planning your special day. 

Travel Theme

If you love to travel this is perfect for you!  Luggage, paper air planes, compasses, postage stamps, maps, globes, luggage tags and other travel trinkets can decorate tables and be used as parting gifts.  Have guests sign a globe or put a pin on a map locating where they traveled from.  Decorate each table with a different city or country you have visited or plan to visit.  This will definitely make for a memorable wedding day!  

Western Theme

 Boots, hay bails, horseshoes, wagons, ropes, and cowboy hats can be used for decorating tables, chairs and the bridal party!  Place flowers in a boot, tie rope around chairs, take pictures on hay bails, or wear boots under your dresses.  This decor can easily be found and used everywhere for this theme!     

Eco-Friendly Theme

For our earth-loving couple, use biodegradable or  disposable materials.  Fake or silk stemmed flowers, recycled or paperless invitations, disposable silverware or utensils, and farm to table food or products.  Wedding favors can include biodegradable seed packets, handmade soap or glass jars with jam, coffee beans or chocolate.  Centerpieces can be stacks of books or soy based candles.  Herb plants such as basil, rosemary, thyme or cilantro, can be placed in terra cotta pots at each table for people to add directly to their dishes. 
Check with local businesses to see if they have composted flowers or greenery available.  Locate venues that offer
Eco-friendly options such as botanical gardens or huge windows for natural lighting.  Consider a backyard wedding if you are keeping it low key.

Disney Theme

Disney movies, characters and music can create a fun and beautiful wedding!  Use your favorite characters as centerpieces and play your favorite Disney song during your first dance or at dinner.  Nab your favorite quotes from the films and customize a favor or have one written on your cake.
Consider a theme for your invitations, a drink potion served at the reception, hanging lanterns inspired by “Tangled”, enchanted rose centerpiece for “Beauty and the Beast” or embroidered Mickey and Minnie mouse hats.  The list is endless with possibilities!!    

Holiday Theme

Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter,…Holiday weddings are lots of fun to plan and such a wonderful time of the year!  Seeing decorations displayed during each holiday is already so exciting, people will be even more eager to see what you can come up with for your wedding.  There are lots of DIY projects you and the gals can tackle from centerpieces to bouquets.  
Guests always love to see a themed cake!  You can add touches of color anywhere to support your theme with ribbon, utensils, table cloths, beads, glassware, or anything else you can come up with.  If you decide on your theme in advance you can get lots of material for sale right after the holiday. 

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