The Vows

By Allison Rodriguez

Writing Vows- a task so daunting the producers of the hit 90’s TV show FRIENDS dedicated an entire episode to the challenges of it!  Luckily, you won’t have writer’s block like the characters Monica and Chandler did, if you simply follow these four tips:

Write Down Everything About Your Relationship- Before you attempt to author the perfect vows, you should consider taking a step back and remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place.  Go down memory lane and write down all of the important milestones in your relationship, including your struggles and great accomplishments.  Remember, that this is just a brainstorming phase, so it does not need to be flawless.  By taking the extra time to recall your partner and your journey, you will create vows that are interesting to your guests and meaningful to your fiancé. 

Include Your Promises to Them- Vows are a wedding ritual for a reason.  They signify a lifelong commitment, a promise to be together through happiness and sorrow, through sickness and health, in the presence of those closest to your heart.  When you begin to write your vows, ask yourself what promises you would like to give them in your marriage.  Will you promise to always do your best to create an environment of happiness?  Maybe your promise is that you will never give up on your relationship or their dreams.  If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, contemplate what promises you would like to receive from them.  Just listen to your heart and you’ll be surprised to find what you come up with. 

Keep it Short and Sweet- While you and your partner probably have countless memories to share and reminisce about, often, the best vows are brief but powerful.  If get caught up in including every single you moment you’ve shared together, none of the many memories you recite during your vows will seem as significant.  Instead, narrow your list down and focus on what you believe defines your relationship.  Wedding vows have been written for thousands of years, but there will never be another set as special as your own, so make every word count.

Practice Aloud– Reading your vows at your wedding ceremony may seem like an easy task, but it is very important to practice before the big day.  To trouble-shoot any last-minute nerves or writing errors, recite your vows alone multiple times and even get a close friend to listen to you.  After all, practice makes perfect! Rehearsing your vows will ensure that there is nothing to worry about on your special day, except to relax and remember every single precious moment.