The Grandeur and Stress of a Large Wedding

Alice Briggs

What You Need to Know

Big weddings are a traditional and grand way to celebrate a couple’s union, but they also come with several pros and cons.

One major pro of having a big wedding is the opportunity to celebrate with many friends and family members. This can be especially meaningful for couples with large extended families or those who have a lot of close friends. A big wedding also allows couples to host a grand and lavish event, complete with a large reception and many special touches.

There are also several cons to having a big wedding. One major con is the cost. Big weddings can be very expensive, and many couples may go into debt in order to pay for the event. They can be quite stressful to plan, especially for couples who are not used to organizing large events. Finally, the wedding day itself can be overwhelming for the bride and groom, who may feel like they are on display the entire time.

A big wedding can be impersonal. With so many guests, it can be difficult for the couple to have meaningful conversations with everyone and can feel like they are just going through the motions. They may also feel like they are missing out on the more intimate moments that a smaller wedding would allow.

Big weddings have their pros and cons. They offer the opportunity for a grand celebration with many friends and family members, but they can also be very expensive and stressful to plan. Couples should weigh the pros and cons carefully and decide what is most important to them before deciding on the size of their wedding. Ultimately, the most important thing is that the couple is happy, and the wedding reflects their personal style and personalities.