Tasteful Toasts

Have you been asked to give a toast at your friend or family member’s upcoming wedding and are starting to panic about making the perfect toast? Here are some helpful tips and things to think about to help get you started on your perfect toast.

The first thing to remember when creating a toast for your loved one is that there is not a “One size fits all” when it comes to toasts. The key in making a toast for your bride or groom is making it personalized to them as individuals and/or as a couple.

Try to avoid pushing your toast in a certain direction. If you are feeling like you are wanting the toast to feel more whimsical and amusing but it has adopted a more serious tone allow the toast to move with you while you are writing it. On the flip side, if you started with an extremely serious toast and it is taking on a more lighthearted and goofy tone, both are great! Instead of forcing it one way or another try to allow the toast to flow more naturally as opposed to forcing a serious toast to be funny or a funny toast to be serious. The importance of the toast is to reflect not only how you feel about your friend or family member but it is also a reflection of the friendship that the two of you share. Allowing the toast to flow naturally will help your feelings naturally rise to the top.

Be sure to watch your time! Making sure that your toast is impactful to the bride and groom is an excellent goal to strive for, however, watching your time is going to be important in continually keeping the attendants engaged and tuned into the toast you are giving. 

– Consider adding pictures, videos, or audio clips that you might have from the time that you have spent with the bride, groom, or both! This will help to engage the attendants but it can also help them feel more connected to your toast because adding the visual effects.