Wedding Games for Every Age

You don’t have to read any books on wedding planning to realize that there are moments when your guests will just be waiting around—like between the ceremony and the reception before the bride and groom make their entrance. The truth is even if you set out a few refreshments or bottles of water, it can be an awkward time for everyone. Check out some of these ideas to keep your guests engaged in conversation and laughs.

Silliness brings people together. Set up icebreaker questions in small buckets or jars. Have everyone close their eyes and draw a question from the jar. “If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be?”–see just how silly it gets! This is truly fun when many of your guests don’t know one another.

Card Games
There are endless possibilities in a deck of cards. Guests can play their favorite games, such as Spades or Go Fish. Instructions for new games could also be left on the tables like Speed or 31. Maybe there will even be a magician in the group who will entertain for a bit.

Name Their Future
Kids Activity sheets are available to print for free online. One fun activity is to name the couple’s future children. List several different names, and you never know, you might be giving them some good ideas!

Guest Mad Libs
Mad Libs are another game sure to get chuckles out of each table. Fill in the topics on one side then those random words complete a story on the other side. Some of the sentences end up super silly!

Camera Eye Spy Game
Put a camera and list of people, objects, and actions to “Eye Spy.” Not only is this fun, but the bride and groom will get so many more awesome pictures to document their wedding day.

Triangle Peg Game
You can find this little game in most game stores. It is a wooden triangle with pegs stuck in the holes minus one hold. The goal is to jump over the pegs like checkers and eliminate the pegs down to one. The game doesn’t cost much and will intrigue guests of all ages.