One Last Chance to Celebrate

Let Love Sparkle


The bride and groom’s sendoff is the last chance to celebrate before the night ends or the couple heads to their honeymoon destination. There are many unique ways to send the couple off in style and get some awesome final photographs!
Typically the guests line up in rows for the bride and groom to run through on the way to their getaway vehicle. Guests can throw glitter, confetti sprinkles, flower petals or flower buds, which all make colorful fun photos.
However, For less mess, think about blowing bubbles, ringing bells, wearing glow sticks, releasing floating lanterns, or waving ribbon wands. Sparklersalso add even more light to the night! Be sure to check with your venue on what they allow.
Another idea is selecting a cool vehicle to make your escape in. Why not rent a sports car or classic car and let the Best Man whisk you away to the airport or to your car that was hidden away from the venue? This is a great opportunity to make this a fun and adventurous moment in event! How about a two-seated bicycle, a tractor, or a limo? These are all great options depending on your personalities. After a fulfilling day of exchanging sweet vows, celebrating with your friends and family, it is almost a special rush to select an outrageous way to leave the party!

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