No Bridesmaids: A Growing Trend

One of the toughest decisions for a bride to make is choosing which friends/family you’d like as your bridesmaids. A growing trend, that might make some bride’s cringe, is having NO bridesmaids at all! Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider this option.

1. You are not having to pick and choose friends – If you have a lot of close friends, this decision can be tough, and you don’t want anyone to feel left out or less important to you.

2. Bridesmaids can cause drama – The more people involved with your wedding, the more opinions you are welcoming and this can be overwhelming for the bride.

3. You will save your friends from spending money– Most brides get married in their 20’s and 30’s and their friends may still be getting their careers going. Having to purchase a dress can be stressful financially; especially if they contribute to the shower and bachelorette party.

Remember, your friends are your friends. They should understand your decision to not have bridesmaids.  Assign them other duties on your wedding day to let them know they are valued and still play a special role on your big day.