Let's Talk Photography

The most beautiful characteristic of photographers is their unique creativity in capturing and freezing special moments in photos.  So much should be recorded during a wedding day, but the bride and groom don’t want to keep their guests waiting for too long.  Coming up with a list of photos you want taken is a great way to efficiently get what you want from your wedding photographer.

Throughout the day, the photos should be both posed and natural action shots.  There are the obvious photos that should be captured.–the groomsmen, bridal party, portraits of the bride and groom, and family.  There are also many firsts that need the camera’s attention–the first time the father sees his daughter, first kiss, first dance, and the first time the groom sees his bride.  Tell the photographer to capture as many details as possible.  The decorations, wedding invitations, weather, signature drinks, and food may seem like insignificant details, but twenty years from now you will enjoy looking back at the little things.

Another group of photos that should be on the list is accessories.  Have photos taken of the bride’s jewelry, shoes, bouquet, and anything else featured in her bridal style.  Same goes for the groom.  He might be wearing fun socks, a unique boutonniere or special cuff links.  Don’t forget to have pictures taken of the rings!  Photos of the couple getting ready for the ceremony are always good as precious reminders of the ones who spent this time with you.

All photos don’t need to be staged.  Have fun with your friends and family and capture the silly moments!  Take planned group photos but then mix it up with  silly pictures.  Take time for intimate photos in between the ceremony and reception.  This is a great opportunity for the couple to show their love to the camera with sweet kisses, dancing, and close up shots of the two looking into each other’s eyes.  Be sure your photographer knows to capture all the precious and emotional moments throughout the day.  You and your family will create memories to last a lifetime.