Need A Little Hashtag Help?

A hashtag is an incredibly easy way to document and organize social media relating to the wedding day.  Coming up with the hashtag is definitely the most difficult part.  The hashtag should be completely original, so your wedding photos don’t get mixed up with someone else’s. Hashtag generators are available online, but utilizing creativity can be a lot of fun.  Couples whose last name is already unique probably have an easier time figuring out an exclusive hashtag.  For those with more common names, try combining your first names like Brangelina.  Creating a play on words makes a cutesie hashtag.

For example, the couple’s last name is Howe, so #howesweetloveis. Keep plenty of reminders around for your guests.  Using DIY signs or listing the tag in the wedding program are simple reminders and encourage guests to keep the tags coming.  Also, try to keep the tag short enough for your guests to easily type in on social media.  Utilize your hashtag to the fullest by tagging right after the engagement.  This is perfect to keep everyone posted on the days leading up to the wedding day and for reminiscing on the collection of photos later on.