Beat the Heat

Hot, hot, hot!  Summer time usually has great weather for outdoor weddings, but the temperature can go through the roof. Heat can get uncomfortable, and no bride and groom want that for their guests.  Here’s a few ideas to consider as you prepare for that beautiful summer wedding.

-Keep a water cooler available before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. A nice chest or water dispenser works great. Keep plenty of cups nearby and a trash can too.

-Another trick is a multipurpose program.  Not only will the lineup and names be on it, but also it can double as a paper fan.  These are really cute with a popsicle stick glued on the back and maybe some ribbon or lace.

-Keep shade available nearby in case someone gets too hot.  Pick shady trees, patio umbrellas or a patio nearby for anyone who needs to seek refuge from the sun. 

-Personalize mini bottles of sunscreen to pass out as favors at your summer wedding.  No one wants to remember such a beautiful day with a red face.

The main thing is to consider the comfort level of your guests while enjoying the setup you envisioned.  When all are comfortable, then everyone has more fun.