Something Old Something New

Coco Dietz

There are many traditions that brides can choose to either continue or pass on when planning their weddings. One of those traditions comes from the old English Poem where the poet tells their thoughts on what items the bride needs in order to pass along the happy, healthy, and fruitful marriage. Whether you want to follow all the traditions or might pick and choose the ones that intrigue you, here are some ideas on how to add Something Old and Something New into your wedding plans!

Something Old:

While much of what needs to be purchased and found for the wedding will be new items, there are many opportunities where you can instead supplement something old into your plans. The main point of adding the items that the poet talked of (see our article on the poem) is to add sentimental value to something that might be lacking in a personal connection. Consider asking a family member or perhaps a close family friend who was married previously to loan you their wedding dress, veil, or some other item. If your two styles do not match, consider going to a vintage shop or antique store with your fiance or maid of honor to look for a vintage piece of jewelry to wear on your wedding day.

Something New:

While the majority of the items that you will need will be new, again, remember to find something of sentimental value. The point of finding the five things that the poem talks about is not to make a checklist but instead find items that will represent the life that you two will be building together. Your wedding dress will indeed be new but consider getting a new bracelet that means something to the relationship that you and your fiance share. Or if a loved one was not able to be present due to illness or potentially death, maybe getting something new that honors their memory and your desire to keep them close to you on your big day.

Whatever you choose for your Something Old and Something New, just remember that it is more about who you and your fiance are as a couple as opposed to two individuals planning a party. Plan these items as a honoring of the love the two of you share and the hopes that you both have for the future.