Something New: Registry Edition

Wedding registries are a great way to celebrate and help prepare newlyweds for their next chapter, but traditional gift registries may not be what you’re looking for this upcoming wedding season. Here are four unique registries gaining popularity with couples.

Seven Hopes United

Fair trade gifts help provide better working conditions and fair prices to producers across the globe, and Seven Hopes United makes finding such items easy! With a variety of home and personal goods to choose from, you’re sure to find something unique for your home and help make a difference all in one place.


If you’re looking to create your dream home, Blueprint is the site for you. You can import existing registries from retailers like Amazon or Target to keep track of your gifts, or shop through their room-by-room section for specific items. For bigger projects, you can set up a cash registry for home funds – be that a renovation, down payment, or simply some extra cash.


Have everything you need for the home? Your guests can contribute to your honeymoon instead! With honeymoon destinations all around the world, Honeyfund lets your guests choose their favorite contribution – gifts or a specific part of your trip, such as hotels and airfare – and you receive the funds directly. Avoid unwanted household items and travel the world – talk about a win-win.

The Good Beginning

Another option for the couple who has it all is The Good Beginning. This charity registry allows you to add up to three different charities of your choice. Once you register your wedding date, a unique link can be shared with your guests and will track each of their gifts, making ‘Thank-you’ cards a breeze. It’s as simple as that!

With so many options to choose from, rest assured there’s a registry for every couple. Consider one of these to help celebrate your new milestone!