More Choices? New Ring Designs

The options that go into planning a wedding are nearly limitless.  Although there are several different styles of engagement and wedding rings, the general consensus seems to be diamonds in various cuts and styles set in a silver, gold, or a white gold band.   The wedding ring itself is typically a lot less flashy, appearing as a plain metal band with smaller diamonds or gems sometimes set into it.

But, wait!  There are other options!  Whether you are trying to cut back on costs, are not a flashy person, are allergic to a certain metal, or just trying to break the mold, check out these alternative ring options for you and your (soon-to-be) spouse:

  • Non-metal wedding rings
    • Silicone rings are inexpensive, durable, simple, and come in a variety of different styles and colors.
    • Wood rings are unique, stylish, and eco-friendly, often being hand-crafted by a woodworking professional.
    • Synthetic rubber rings are similar to silicone rings, being scratch-resistant and elastic.
  • Non-diamond engagement rings
    • Looking for a brightly-colored gemstone? Amethyst, morganite, sapphire, and topaz are all excellent choices.  Amethyst and morganite are typically purple and pink, respectively, while sapphire and topaz are often darker shades of blue.
    • If you lean more towards neutral, pearl and moonstone are both breathtaking options and are typically much cheaper than a diamond ring.

The rings you choose will have significance between the two of you and there is no reason to meet anyone else’s approval—except for you and your mate.  Try them all on and enjoy the process!