Refreshing Honeymoon Ideas

Kristin Rodin

Honeymoons are the perfect time to celebrate a new chapter in your life and bond with your partner, but maybe you’re looking for something more unique than Hawaii or closer to home than Paris. For a memorable celebration, consider these unconventional honeymoons when planning yours!

Hit the road

If your adventurous heart doesn’t want to choose just one place, pack up for a cross-country road trip. Explore itty bitty towns, great big cities and everything in between all at your own pace. This is also a great opportunity to explore diverse landscapes and national parks across the country, making this honeymoon one for the photo albums. 

Go Glamping

Maybe you love nature but don’t want to sleep on cold, hard grounds in flimsy tents. Glamorous camping, known as glamping, offers guests comfortable, cozy amenities similar to hotels. Curl up in a heated cabin, enjoy private bathrooms and spa services, and soak in breathtaking scenery without the bugs, dirt and poor weather. With a variety of glamping resorts across the country, there’s a place to explore for every couple to enjoy!

Keep it green

Ecotourism promotes responsible traveling and supports conservation efforts in threatened environments. Growing in popularity, sustainable honeymoon resorts give couples the chance to experience unique environments and wildlife without harming them. From Costa Rica to Botswana and even in the U.S., eco-friendly honeymoon resorts are a great option for curious and adventurous couples.

Take a stay-cation

For the couple that doesn’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of traveling, take a stay-cation. Stay close to your hometown or city, but do all the things you never get to do, always wanted to do, or just like to do. Book a stay at a luxurious hotel, dine at a nice restaurant you haven’t tried yet, or explore parts of your city you rarely get to – there are little opportunities to bond with your partner everywhere! 

It might feel overwhelming trying to pick the right honeymoon to celebrate with, but consider these nontraditional honeymoon options for a special experience like no other!