A Note From the Publisher

If this is your first time to check us out, Welcome!  If you have been reading our informative and inspirational content the last five years, then Thank You!  For those of you who have delayed your wedding plans because of the virus, we hope we can give you enough ideas to keep you enthused about planning the kind of event that will represent who you are as a couple as well as give you some lasting memories.

This particular issue has a variety of information!  From packing the essentials for your honeymoon, to organizing a shot list with your photographer, to pampering yourself just a bit, and sampling desserts with your sweetheart.  That’s just a few of the great articles our team has put together to help you find what you need, then relax and enjoy the day.

As a treat, there is a really sweet article, entitled Wonderful Waterfall Surprise that I think you will all enjoy.  Feel free to send me your special moments that you might want to share with our readers.  You can send them to melody@mkdpublishing.com

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Melody Dawes