Perfect Backdrops for Spring

Kristin Rodin

Talk about new wedding season trends never stops, and backdrop scenery is no exception. Hanging florals and neon signs on greenery were the big winners in 2022, but here are four backdrop decoration ideas wedding influencers hope to see more of this upcoming season.

Grounded Flowers

Hanging florals are beautiful, but may distract guests and wedding photographers from key details, such as your hair, makeup, dress or suit. Grounded flowers are a great alternative! They can be arranged in any way, shape or form along the aisle and around your feet, directing guests’ attention from the ground toward the couple. They offer a beautiful, but subtle, background scenery everyone will appreciate. 

Plywood Arches

Simple, round top arches are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your ceremony without being too distracting. These modern and minimalist decorations are completely customizable with a ton of DIY tutorials readily available online. You can dress them up with flowers or balloons, or simply add some half-arches on either side. 


Macrame is a type of textile created by using various knotting techniques. While it’s gained popularity in recent years for home decor items, it can also be used for wedding backdrops! There are a variety of styles to choose from, and some places even offer them in a variety of colors. For a simple boho vibe at your celebration, macrame tapestries are your go-to.

Grid and Mesh

Perhaps one of the most customizable options of all, grid and mesh backdrops will blow your guests away. Available in a variety of shapes, these serve as the framework for more intricate decorations, such as flowers, tulle, signs, or anything else your heart desires. Another bonus? It’s DIY friendly. With a variety of tutorials and ideas available online, this is an affordable and accessible option for a backdrop that makes a statement.

Give one of these backdrop decorations a shot for a memorable, fun and easy wedding project everyone will love!