Pantone’s 2021 Spring & Summer Color Trend Highlights

By Allison Rodriguez

Are you a bride who likes to keep up with the latest trends?  Do you dream of a spring or summer wedding filled with bright and intriguing color combinations?  If so, look no further because below are some of the hottest color palettes for the spring and summer of 2021! 

  • Summer Bouquet 

This color combo is perfect for a bride who wants to balance soft and bold.  Powerful red hues are contrasted with subdued pink and beige shades, while the palette finishes with an earthy green tone.  Boho chic brides, this one is for you! 

  • Intoxicating

The name of this color selection describes exactly how you’ll feel when gazing at this versatile pairing.  A version of nearly every color of the rainbow is included here, but the coordination is still spot on.  From a fierce aqua, to a creamy white, anything is possible. Brides who want to incorporate more creativity can mix and match any of these colors and transform their day into a springy dream. 

  • Power Surge 

Searching for colors that will pack a punch?  Empowering shades of fire red, rich blue, warm yellow, lime green and vibrant pinks will bring the dramatic flair you’ve been craving.  Non-traditional brides will fall in love with the unique story this color palette brings to the table. 


Ta-da! There you have it, Pantone’s 2021 Spring & Summer specially curated color trends. 

PRO-TIP:  Don’t be afraid to pick and choose from these palettes to design your own beautiful wedding color scheme! 

Have fun and count down the days until your vision comes to life!