Tiaras Bring Out The Princess In You

Remember when you were a young girl and you wanted to be a princess?  You’d find that puffy dress and then add a tiara to top off your “princess” look.   A tiara symbolizes something special.  Traditionally they adorned the heads of Princesses and Queens to signify rank and importance.  Unless getting married, princesses could only wear tiaras to black tie events after 6 pm. 
Every tiara holds it’s own significant historical beauty and creates that extra glamorous appeal for any occasion.  This is why brides love to wear them!  Makes them feel like Queen for a day and they stand out from the rest!

Many styles have been created since the early 1900’s in the days of Queen Elizabeth who wore the Strathmore Rose Tiara which features a rose design and is adorned with rose cut diamonds; to  Queen Elizabeth II’s Burmese Ruby Tiara containing a total of 96 rubies mounted on it; and Princess Diana’s Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara modeled after Princess Augusta of Hesse’s tiara from the 1800’s and commissioned by Queen Mary in 1914 created as a replica using her own jewelry collection.  There is such a variety to choose from these days and, as you can see, it’s a win win!  Whether you opt for diamond encrusted, colorful, or flowers, you will be the talk of the night.

Queen Elizabeth 1923, Strathmore Rose Tiara

Queen Elizabeth II, Burmese Ruby Tiara

Princess Diana, Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara

Tiaras are a way of letting others know something extra special is about to happen, which is why many brides choose to wear one.  Who doesn’t want to shine more beautiful on her special day??  Two of our most favorite Princesses, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, are famously known for their tiara fashion choices.  Every little girl wants to dress like them and look as beautiful as they do in their “Princess” outfits.  No matter which tiara style you choose, just enjoy being a Princess for the day.  It will be one of the best feelings of your life!