Wanting to plan something different and special for your bridal party?  We discovered four activities that are a little out of the box and will enhance your last hurrah with your bridesmaids.  Each one of these can be done anywhere and involve minimal planning.

A Pickleball Party

WHAT?? Yep!  The fastest growing sport in the United States right now is This is the perfect time to destress and laugh away those last minute nerves.  Chances are that most of your friends have at least heard of it and are willing to spend a morning with some fun physical activity. 

A Disney Party

Because doesn’t every little girl dream of being a Disney princess and marrying their Disney Prince Charming? Salute those years with a themed brunch and share some stories of those childhood dreams.  This can be a truly relaxing time of story telling and reminiscing.

Short Hike and Picnic

Walking in nature and chilling with a simple meal and girlfriend conversation can be a rejuvenating experience. You truly don’t have to travel far and you don’t have to make big plans.  Pack up your favorite foods and beverages, drive somewhere close and beautiful, spread a blanket, and enjoy this good green earth with your closest friends.

Horseback Riding

What a fun way to unrattled those nerves and breathe in some fresh air. If everyone is an experienced horsewoman, go for a hard run and treat yourselves to a great meal at the end of the trail.  If your girls are not horse savvy, then walk or trot down some country roads and give them a treat they will always cherish.

Whatever you choose to do, most of the former brides we talked to emphasized to keep it simple, fun, and inexpensive.  No one needs more complications right before the big ceremony.  This special time with some of your best forever friends is a beautiful way to thank them, love on them, and treat them to a memorable occasion.