Name change:
Yay or nay?

Traditionally brides have taken the husband’s last name because of religion, as in the days of Abraham when the woman’s title was “the wife of Abraham”, to prove kids legally belonged to their biological Father, and to claim a family’s inheritance.  Today’s modern brides base their decisions on past traditions, romance, identity, a need to please or make their new husband happy, or because it makes them feel more like a family.  

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Women who have built business empires such as Beyonce and Gwen Stefani, feel it’s best to keep their last name the same as it’s been part of their identity since they started working.  They are proud to have this accomplishment and recognition. 
If you are an only child or have sisters, you might try to carry on your Dad’s name by hyphenating you and your husband’s last names.  There is no wrong or right when making this decision.  Every couple is different and they will figure out what works for them.  A name won’t define your marriage.  

Faithfulness, Commitment, Forgiveness and Patience Are What Make a Marriage Work