Maid of Honor Duties

Picture this: You’ve been waiting for your best friend to get engaged since you both were little girls. She finally gets engaged and asks you to be her Maid of Honor. You’re over the moon excited but realize you have no idea what it means to be a Maid of Honor! Well, here is a list of duties you may need to take on as a Maid of Honor.

maid of honor duties

Being a Leader

Being asked to be a maid of honor means the bride trusts you with everything! Being a leader means you keep track of all the bridesmaids, help plan events, and make sure everything is right for the bride’s big day.

Plan the Bridal Shower

Your job as the maid of honor is to throw an exciting and memorable bridal shower. This shower is meant for family and friends to come to see the bride before the wedding, bring gifts, talk about the future, and more. Throwing the bridal shower is an important role as a maid of honor

Plan the Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is one last hoorah before the bride walks down the aisle. This party is strictly for the bridesmaids. It is your job to make this time exciting and fun and one the bride will always remember.

Pre Wedding Needs

The wedding day is the most exciting but at the same time nerve-wracking moment for the bride. Helping with her last-minute makeup, hair, and even just pep talk needs is what the bride needs.

Great Speech

Whether the speeches are given at the rehearsal dinner, reception, or wherever, it’s your job as a maid of honor to give a killer speech. Make the crowd laugh, cry, and especially make the bride remember this one forever.

Help as the Party Unwinds

Regardless of the party, it’s important to be there for the bride to help her unwind. Clean up after others, make sure the bride is in good spirits, and even help reassure the bride that this was the best night of her life.