Love Notes at the Alter

Wedding traditions change and evolve with each generation.  One tradition that has withstood the test of time, however, is writing a letter to your spouse to read right before you both walk to the altar.  In today’s society, one might presume that hand-written letters are “going out of style,” but they are very much alive when it comes to tying the knot.  Writing letters to your spouse’s mother is also a wonderful way to show her how grateful you are for raising your spouse and coming into your life.  Here are some helpful tips on writing the perfect letters for the spouse and mother-in-law that are perfect for you.

#1: Prepare a couple weeks in advance.

Writing letters is usually a quick process:  compose your thoughts and transfer them to paper, then send the letter.  For letters to your spouse and mother-in-law on your wedding day, however, you want to make certain you convey exactly what you are feeling in a way they will remember for a lifetime.  Before writing your heart’s deepest sentiments, plan your flow from beginning to end. 

#2: Write first, edit later.

Some people get caught up in making their writing concise and perfect the first time.  Love isn’t perfect, and neither is writing!  Let your raw emotions and thoughts flow onto the page and go back to edit them when your mind is more organized and focused.  This way, your true emotions are still being portrayed to your spouse and mother-in-law while also getting your point across.

#3: Be yourself.

Writing love letters tends to make people feel as if they need to have the tone and vocabulary of Shakespeare.  This is far from the truth!  Love letters and thank you letters are renowned for their raw emotion and passion—each containing the unique style and tone of the person who wrote it.  Whether or not writing comes naturally to you, your spouse and mother-in-law will deeply appreciate and treasure your words for a lifetime.