Love Carries On

One of the most beautiful concepts of the wedding is including as many family members as possible in meaningful ways. Because of the nature of life, some of the family may have passed from this life. There are still some beautiful ways to acknowledge their presence, their love, and their legacy which will carry on.

1. Have as many candles present as deceased family members you want to honor. The candles can even be embossed with their name or photo. The candles can be lit be your candlelighters before the wedding begins, or during the ceremony itself by the bride and groom at an appropriate time.

2. Wouldn’t you love sending your guests home with a favor that not only represented you and your spouse’s new life together, but honored your loved ones as well? If your grandmother was a writer, why not include her name on a pen that each guest receives. Maybe your father was an accountant and a sweet bag of chocolate covered coins might reflect that. Let your imagination inspire the selection.

3. It’s always appropriate to leave an empty seat where they would be seated during the ceremony or dinner and leave a flower in its place. A simple card acknowledging their life could help define the placement.

4. One bride was given a beautiful charm shaped as a photo frame to include her mother’s photo and attached the charm to her bouquet. She felt the presence of her mother throughout the entire ceremony.

5. If there are several family members you want to remember, it might be best to set aside a table with their photos so that all can be remembered together. The table can be near the altar at the front, or even in the reception area.

Just because your favorite relatives can not be with you on your special day, doesn’t mean their presence has to be ignored. Invite their memory into this special occasion and honor them in a way that fits the way you and your new husband will best appreciate the idea.

“In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still;
In my heart you hold a place
No one else could ever fill.”