Jammin DJ or Rockin Band?

By Raenesha Spurs

Now you’re in the midst of wedding planning and you must be wondering, what are we going to do for music?  One of the most memorable parts of your big day is going to be the song selection.  Music is going to fill in those moments so it’s important to weigh out your options when you’re trying to book a DJ or live band.  You’ll want to look at these 3 things when deciding genre, cost, and efficiency.

When it comes to picking a genre for your wedding it’s important that you’re able to switch it up.  If you book a DJ, you’ll have to make sure whatever songs you’re looking for the DJ can provide.  DJ’s can switch the vibe of a wedding pretty fast and swiftly.  When you book a live band, check and see what kind of music they specialize in.  You may even want to consider making a song list beforehand so that you can coordinate with the band and ensure all your favorite hits are included. 

Let’s talk about the money a minute.  When you’re choosing between a DJ or live band, you’ll of course want to check the $$.  After all, money doesn’t grow on trees (no-really) and depending on your budget, you’ll want to save or splurge on some things.  If you’re looking for something on the inexpensive side, then the DJ may be the best option.  If your budget can handle a little more money, then a live band shouldn’t be out of the question.  Ask around.  The prices vary depending on a variety of things.  So, talk to several DJ’s and band leaders.  

Finally, efficiency is most important.  Booking a DJ means you don’t have to provide a song selection list or specific accommodations for multiple people. You’ll definitely want to make sure the DJ’s set is fitting to your wedding.   If you book a live band, you’ll need to have a list of songs to help guide the band to create the atmosphere you want to accomplish. 

            P.S.—Have fun!