Let's Rehearse

You’ve been so focused on planning for the wedding that you’ve forgotten about the rehearsal dinner.  Traditionally, the groom’s family will want to host this event; however, they may want your ideas or input.  It’s meant to be lighthearted, casual, and fun.  This occasion is actually a time set aside to allow friends and family who didn’t know each other before your wedding to mix and mingle.  Follow these ideas below and you are all set.

Make the rehearsal dinner different from the wedding.

Since this is casual, try having a dinner with a city view or maybe in the countryside.  Consider a bowling alley, a picnic, a barbecue, a casual restaurant, or anything else you can think of.  Choose a location not far from the ceremony venue or where the majority of dinner guests will be staying.

Create a casual setting.  

Choose a cohesive color scheme different from the wedding.  Also, longer tables also create an intimate feeling.  Play calming music in the background so guests can unwind.  Hang market lights or globe lights filled with candles to create a magical ambiance. Lastly, have some entertainment.  For instance, offer yard games or have a bonfire when it gets dark.

Serve simple food.  It is absolutely okay to serve pizza and salad and a few coolers of beer.  You could even do Chinese takeout or fast food chicken.  Guests do not care as much, so long as they get to unwind and have fun.  For fancier rehearsal dinners, use local seasonal produce to create simple recipes.  Catering a meal is always an easy and great option for this event as well. 

Finally, breathe deeply, enjoy your family and guests and allow the evening to do what it’s intended to do.