By Sheyanne Kent

Feelin’ those post-wedding blues?  You may have found yourself anxiously waiting for that big day and now that you’ve finally tied the knot, you feel the gloom of it all being over.  But it’s only just the beginning!  Throughout this article, we will discuss five ways that newly-weds can continue to keep that spark going throughout their marriage.

Close up portrait of beautiful couple on date standing outside

Date Nights

Just because you’ve tied the knot doesn’t mean you stop dating your partner! Whether it be an evening at a fine winery or a trip to a local comedy show, incorporating date nights into your marriage is a great way to keep that excitement in the air.

Emotional Check-ins

Communicating regularly and checking in with your partner emotionally is essential to keeping a lively marriage as it allows both partners to feel heard and understood, ultimately bringing more love and compassion into the union.

Beautiful young couple is looking at each other and smiling during their date in a restaurant, man is holding his girlfriend's hand
Couple enjoying and spending good time together while having a date at a restaurant.

Speaking Your Partner’s Love Language

Every spouse gives and receives love in a way that may be different from our own. Learning which of the five love languages fits you and your spouse can be a great aid in discovering how to better express your love within the partnership and keep the sparks flying.  (Read accompanying article “Learn Your Language” in this issue!)

Discover More About Each Other

Learning more about your partner on a deeper level encourages the growth of intimacy within the relationship. Couples card games such as Let’s Get Deep and THE AND are great games that you can play with your partner and get to know them all over again!

Couple in love dating in restaurant
Mature dating couple strolling across Millennium Bridge, London, UK

Be Spontaneous

Doing something out of the ordinary and adding that element of spontaneity into your relationship is sure to get the passion going. Instead of going to your usual eateries or entertainment spots, try exploring something different to keep that air of newness throughout your marriage.

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