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While Jenn Beene of Studio J Photography photographs everything from babies to real estate, her specialty lies in boudoir and weddings. Having had a terrible experience with her own wedding photographer, she made it her mission to become a wedding specialist, ensuring that no other bride would endure the same ordeal.

Being unfamiliar with wedding planning at the time, she had chosen a photographer who was recommended by a mutual acquaintance. Unaware of the important questions to ask, she assumed that the photographer she hired was a seasoned professional with exceptional work. However, after her wedding, she was heartbroken to find that her cherished memories were not perfectly captured.

Determined to prevent others from making the same mistake, she is dedicated to guiding her clients through the process.

She adores her profession and finds joy in witnessing her clients’ happiest moments. She views photography as a blend of art and technology, understanding that technical proficiency is necessary to create beautifully captured memories.

At every wedding, she seeks out locations that showcase the breathtaking West Texas sunsets, which she believes make for the perfect backdrop. Education plays a significant role in her work, as she constantly strives to improve her craft. She acknowledges that there is only one opportunity to capture her couple’s dream day.

In 2021, she proudly received her Master of Photography Degree from PPA, solidifying her commitment to excellence.