Is a Guest Color Code Right for You?

Kristin Rodin

There are two major rules most wedding guests know when it comes to attire – don’t wear white, and follow the requested dress code. But what about requesting your guests to wear specific colors? Here are some things to consider before sending out the invites.

Should you ask guests to wear certain colors?

That depends. When deciding whether to request a certain color, consider your guests’ budget. Most of them will spend a considerable amount of money on travel, lodging, food, toiletries and other travel expenses. Requesting a specific colored outfit to be bought and altered is another box to check off on their list.

Smaller celebrations may be easier to color coordinate, and your guests are more likely to accommodate your request. Larger celebrations will be more difficult to coordinate and your guests probably won’t be thrilled if they have to find a specific outfit. While your wedding is about celebrating you and your partner, guests should be able to enjoy the festivities comfortably, too.

Color considerations for everyone

Rather than asking your guests to stick to a single color, offering guests a color palette has a number of benefits. Suggesting a variety of colors that complement your wedding theme will give them plenty of options to choose from and allow them to get creative when planning their outfit. Using a color palette also allows people to choose something that makes them feel confident and comfortable. There’s nothing worse than wearing something you don’t look good in.

How to ask guests

If you choose to request a color code from your guests, don’t lump it in with a lot of other information. To avoid having info get lost or misread by guests, add a separate insert card with dress and color code along with the wedding invite. For wedding websites, dedicate a section or tab to dress code requests. There’s less chance for misunderstandings when the information is clear, concise, and singled out.

Your decision to request a color code comes down to what will feel most comfortable and considerate to your guests and wedding. No matter what you choose, remember that consideration toward those celebrating your special day will go a long way in the future.