How to Prevent

Wedding Day Drama

Women have dreamed of their wedding day since they were little girls running around in pig tails.  We imagine our perfect day in the arms of our true love, while sharing cherished moments and creating lasting memories with our friends and family.  However, what we don’t normally picture in our dreams are the many unexpected events that can occur on our special day. 
Consider Murphy’s Law stating, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and always have a Plan B!  Prevent unnecessary “drama” by keeping in mind these few helpful suggestions we have listed.

A Good Support Group

Bridesmaids!  Consider selecting bridesmaids who will be encouraging and help with the wedding day.  Pick the bridesmaids you know will be there for you.
            If you share a special relationship with your Mom, Grandma, or Aunt, then bring them to your room to help you get ready and always have them near.  Choose whoever is most comforting to you and will keep you laughing and smiling if things don’t go as planned.


Many people won’t RSVP so be sure to include a little extra of everything at your wedding such as food, beverages, chairs and tables.

Back-Up Food

Maybe the food truck you hired can’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances.  Go to plan B!  If you can’t find another caterer on such short notice, send a group to pick up pizzas, tacos, chips and dip for tables, fruit and veggie platters…. Guests are more concerned with you just being happy so don’t feel as if your day is ruined because the meal you preferred isn’t available.  Remember “why” you are there and enjoy your new spouse, friends and family.

Back-Up Music

If your DJ or band flake out at the last minute have a playlist on standby.  Even if you don’t plan to use this list, test it at the venue site just in case.


Many venues require security if you plan to have alcohol served.  Check with the venue coordinator to see if they require it and if they provide one for an extra fee.  We want to make sure the party stays safe and “drama” free!


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